Lindsay Lohan Shared Advice On Fame

Lindsay Lohan has been giving actor Chris Pine tips on dealing with the limelight.

Lindsay Lohan

Pine, who plays Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek movie, co-starred with Lindsay in the 2005 movie “Just My Luck”, and saw at close quarters the price she pays for mega-fame.

He revealed: “It’s like being with The Beatles.”

He continued: “It’s mind boggling. You hear the whispers, then the whispers become gaggles of people, then the gaggles of people becomes masses of people, and they bring the paparazzi and then everything becomes crazy.”

He added: “If Lindsay was drinking water, people would say: ‘Why is she drinking water?’. But she said to me: ‘Anyone in my position has asked for the attention’. And I think that’s true, but I can’t imagine that kind of fame.”

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