Mark Wahlberg’s Good Appearance On SNL

It appeared that Sarah Palin was not the only one who showed up on a comedy show when Mark Wahlberg made good on his promise to put the fear of God in comedian Andy Samberg by appearing on U.S. satirical show Saturday Night Live at the weekend October 18.

Mark Wahlberg

The tough movie star pretended to be upset by Samberg’s comedic portrayal of him in a SNL episode some weeks ago when he was asked about the segment earlier in the week, threatening to show up on SNL and “crack” the comic’s “big f**king nose”.

In the skit, the funnyman pretended to be Wahlberg as he wandered through a farmyard, talking to the animals and offering to find them work or be their friend. Samberg, as the movie star, finished each chat with the catchphrase, “Say hi to your mother for me.”

Mark Wahlberg showed up on the comedy show and confronted Samberg backstage, saying: “I’m very upset about this imitation you did with the animals. What is that…? I’ve been thinking about breaking that big, beautiful nose of yours, and, you know what, I decided not to, the church-going guy that I am… but what was that?”

Then he chatted with Samberg’s pregnant castmate Amy Poehler and a donkey, using his new ‘catchphrase’ “Say hi to your mother for me.”

Mark Wahlberg became a target because he has turned down the chance to host SNL so many times – but he’s still perplexed by his new catchphrase: “I never really said that before but I’ll take it and run with it.”

He confirmed he’s cool with Samberg: “The kid has to do what he’s got to do to make a living so it’s all good.”

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