Miley Cyrus Struggling To Sleep

Miley Cyrus is an insomniac, according to a report.

Miley Cyrus

The actress-and-singer – who has just returned to the US after promoting ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’ in Europe – has decided she must have the sleeping condition because she keeps waking up at strange hours.

She wrote on her Twitter webpage: “insomnia – difficulty in falling or staying asleep, sleeplessness. i have just diagnosed myself. i am an insomniac.

“why do i wake up at 5am everyday…. i just wanna sleep until my alarm goes off!!! is that so much to ask! 🙁 (sic).”

Just 24 hours earlier, the 16-year-old starlet complained her inability to get a good rest was causing her physical pain.

She wrote: “i hate when i cant sleep. i end up think to much and then my brain hurts (sic).”

Recently, the young actresses blamed singer Lady Gaga for yet another night of restlessness.

She posted: “getting “poker face” stuck in your head while trying to sleep is OBNOXIOUS!(sic)”

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