Miranda Kerr Does Vogue Australia

Miranda Kerr, who spilled the details on how Paris Hilton was shamed in a fashion show, does Vogue Australia for its December issue.


On a Vogue photo shoot, the Aussie model positively vibrates with energy, leaning over the photographer’s shoulder to catch a glimpse of the shots, offering her opinion and joking with the assistants. You could see her stunning shots here.

She arrived with a breakfast of grainy toast with Vegemite and revealed that she is conscientious about what she eats, saying, “I try to eat good food combinations. I believe everything should be balance; I don’t think you should be strict on yourself. I can eat in moderation, as long as I don’t tell myself I can’t have it. It’s a psychological thing.”

She added, “ I feel such a huge difference after I do yoga and after I meditate. It might not work for everyone but it definitely works for me”

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