Nicole Kidman Did Not Like Her Looks While Growing Up

Nicole Kidman, who still enjoys watching films in cinema, has revealed that she used to hate her looks while she growing up.


The actress revealed, “In Australia you spend a lot of time indoors if you’re fair-skinned because you burn. So my mother would keep me indoors and I’d read books. Because of that I wasn’t able to go to the beach very often. I always felt like I wasn’t the cool girl at school, so I’d stay indoors while everyone else was going to the beach and I’d sit and read books, but it resulted in a very vivid imagination that sustained me.”

The actress added, “As a child, I used to want to be the person in the book. That would be the thing, because I didn’t like my life, so I wanted to be the character in the novel, and I still do that sometimes – but obviously less so.”

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