Nicole Kidman’s Message Helps Winning Olympic Gold

Nicole Kidman sent a message of support to the Australian men’s sailing team to bring home Olympic gold.

Nicole Kidman'

The Hollywood actress sent a good luck message to Malcolm Page and Nathan Wilmot and they scooped gold medal just hours later.

Malcolm Page admits at first he rejected “the unknown number” on his cell phone before realizing it was Nicole Kidman.

He revealed, “I was getting breakfast and thought, ‘Ah, I just don’t want to talk to her today,’ so I bumped it. Then two seconds later there was a message from Nicole wishing us good luck. I ended up returning her call. She was very happy.”

He also claims Nicole Kidman was surprised to learn their boat was named The Australian, after the star’s upcoming movie, adding: “She was very surprised that we do have a tradition of naming our boats after her movies and she’s just really stoked to be part of a team.”

Malcolm Page and Nathan Wilmot have named previous boats after Kidman’s films, including Days of Thunder and Dead Calm.

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