Owen Wilson: Prepared To Get Busy With Jennifer Aniston

“Marley & Me”, a comedy film, appeared to be a perfect for Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. But the shooting of the film has been put on hold until spring because of the suicide attempt and subsequent hospitalization of Owen Wilson. Now, reports claim that Owen Wilson is ready to get busy with Jennifer Aniston and get back to work.


According to a report, Owen Wilson doesn’t want Hollywood to forget him as he recovers from his recent suicide attempt. A source revealed that after being replaced by Matthew McConaughey in the film “Tropic Thunder”, Owen Wilson is determined to start shooting Marley & Me with Jennifer Aniston very early next year.

The source revealed, “His identity is as an actor, so he feels pretty useless right now. They want him to be comfortable in his own skin before he jumps into someone else’s.”

Dr. Mario Finkelstein, who specializes in addiction medicine, pointed out that Owen Wilson should be okay as long as “he’s motivated to get well and receive treatment.”

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