Princess Beatrice Was Late For Her First Lecture

Princess Beatrice, who previously celebrated starting university with her younger sister, attended her first university lecture and turned up 20 minutes late.

Princess Beatrice

The 20-year-old princess, who previously spent a night out having a late dinner with American boyfriend Dave Clark in West London, looked red-faced when she sat down next to stunned fellow students for the 10am talk.

The young royal took notes and appeared to be daydreaming during the 50-minute lecture on philosophy.

A student at the lecture yesterday revealed: “It must have been embarrassing for [Princess] Beatrice. All the others were already sat down listening and it was very quiet, so all eyes turned to her. She just kept her head down, went a bit red, walked to the nearest desk and sat down.”

The student added: “The male lecturer looked at her but didn’t say anything. Another member of staff had brought her into the lecture hall, so I think she had to be shown the way. [Princess] Beatrice took out a really posh-looking leather-bound book to jot down notes in but she did not actually write anything at all in it. Every time I looked at her she seemed to be day-dreaming.”

Princess Beatrice, who has a £5million personal fortune, was given her first book to study for the course on History and History of Ideas — Apology by ancient Greek philosopher Plato.

Later the daughter of Princess Andrew and Fergie found there would be no special privileges as she joined the back of a long coffee queue.

Last week the Queen’s granddaughter was late to enroll in the three-year degree at Goldsmiths College in New Cross, South East London.

Fortunately, Princess Beatrice, who was sporting a woolly hat, black shirt and jeans, and leopard-print shoes, looked to have settled into university life when she chatted and laughed with three students on her break.

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