Reese Witherspoon’s Christmas Cake

Reese Witherspoon “makes an applesauce cake” every Christmas Day.

Reese Witherspoon

The actress, who can currently be seen starring in romantic comedy “Four Christmases” alongside Vince Vaughn, revealed that her family like eating a variety of food to celebrate the festive holiday.

The 32-year-old actress, who has two children with ex-husband Ryan Phillippe, said: “I love to cook – I make an applesauce cake every morning on Christmas morning. There’s a lot of food involved in our Christmas!”

She also revealed she feels it is important to be around family at Christmas time, adding: “I think a lot of us thought a lot about how important it is to accept your family for who they are when we were filming “Four Christmases”. Christmas is always great with kids around, so I’m really lucky I have two great kids. We have our traditions – we get to make cookies for Santa before Christmas Eve, and hang stockings and decorate the tree.”

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