Rihanna Wants To Form Trio With Amy Winehouse And Duffy

R&B star Rihanna wants to record a “feminist anthem” for her next album with fellow chart-toppers Amy Winehouse and Duffy.

Rihanna, Winehouse, Duffy

The “Umbrella” hitmaker has drawn up a wishlist of musicians and producers she wants to work with when she next hits the studio, with Amy Winehouse, Duffy, and Amy Winehouse-collaborator Mark Ronson right at the top.

She revealed, “I love Mark Ronson. We’ve talked about doing something together on my next album”.

Rihanna added of a ‘dream team’ with Brits Winehouse and Duffy: “How amazing would that be? We’ve all got three different voices, it would be brilliant. Now that would be a feminist anthem. I love Amy. I think she’s great, so unique. I love her album. And I also love what Duffy is doing, she’s brilliant, as well”.

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