Ruby Stewart Signed To Be Ultimo Model

Rod Stewart discovered another Stewart has been signed up to model for the brand, he was far from pleased.


His 20-year-old daughter Ruby is understood to have approached Ultimo and asked to model. Big sister Kimberly already has a contract with the brand.

But when their father found out about Ruby’s £100,000 deal for Ultimo’s Asda range, he ordered work to stop – but she had already completed one of four shoots.

It is not the first time Rod Stewart has had a standoff with Ultimo’s boss, Michelle Mone. He once called her a “manipulative cow” when the firmed replaced his wife Penny Lancaster in favor of his former wife Rachel Hunter in 2004.

A source revealed, “Apparently he decided he was going to make Ruby concentrate on her musical career, but Michelle is in no doubt it’s because of her involvement with Ultimo.”

You could see Ruby Stewart picture here

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