Salma Hayek Received Baby Shower Gifts From Friends

Salma Hayek, who previously decided she would be a working mom, had her baby shower this past weekend. The actress received pleasant pink gifts from NoMi Boutique.

Salma Hayek

Pia Lindstrom, co-partner of the said boutique, has revealed, “Salma registered online, her mom came in, she was taking pictures with her phone. According to Pia Lindstrom, the name of the baby of Salma will be “Valentina” as she saw the name on the gift cards.

Penelope Cruz, who previously denied having panic attacks, gave Salma Hayek a Bloombaby Plexistyle Coco lounger worth $350. The gift has a message, “with love,” in Spanish.

Salma Hayek also received a “cameo clutch,” by Petuna Pickel Bottom. Her agent has reportedly bought the Orbit Baby convertible car seat/anti-paparazzi stroller worth $900. The stroller will protect the baby from the sun as well as the paparazzi.

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