Selena Gomez Talks About Boyfriend And Love Life

Selena Gomez opens her thoughts about her relationship and her future plans on her love life in an interview of V magazine.

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The “Come and Get It” singer wants her next relationship to be much different and she thinks that having a boyfriend should be a growing up kind of thing. She also does not expect that her relationship will happen anytime soon because she usually more careful when she gets older. In the same interview, she admits of having her first love when she was 18 years old. Although it is weird, it is incredible. And she won’t never take it back because a person lives and learn. She also confesses on having a little depression for a few months, when she does not feel to leave her home. Meanwhile, fans should get a copy of the latest V magazine issue to know more about Selena’s thoughts. In the magazine cover, she is wearing Guess shorts.