Vanessa Hudgens’ Has Released “Identified” Album

Vanessa Hudgens has released her sophomore release, “Identified”.

Vanessa Hudgens, Identified

The “High School Musical” star actress has newfound confidence that trickled its way into her more mature album.

The California native revealed, “And I am still here with my head on my shoulders. For that, I am proud. It is definitely sophisticated. But it is also funky and fun.”

Some of the details on the three of the album’s tracks:

The first single called “Sneakernight” is a fun song about hanging out with your girlfriends and wearing sneakers. When I show the video, I was like, ‘I cannot believe I’m wearing sneakers for the first time in a music video!’ It was awesome.

“First Bad Habit” is considered a sassy anthem. The teen star has revealed, “about when you like a hug so much but know he’s a complete ***hole.” Is said rapscallion like any particular man in her life? It hasn’t happened to me, but a lot of my friends have gone through so much crap.”

“Gone with the Wind,” which was considered a stripped-down ballad. “I just kind of went for it…. The song basically means: I know a lot more, and that timidness and naïveté is gone with the wind.”

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