Vanessa Hudgens Listed Mary Kate Olsen And Nicole Richie Among Fashion Icons

Vanessa Hudgens, which was a “High School Musical” star, has hailed Mary-Kate Olsen, Nicole Richie and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham as her fashion icons.

Vanessa Hudgens, Mary Kate Olsen, Nicole Richie

The 19-year-old star, who picked up most of her style tips from the trendy trio, admitted that she often treats herself to expensive items of clothing just so she can feel “feminine and sexy”.

When asked about her fashion inspirations in the June issue of Glamour magazine, she replied, “Mary-Kate Olsen, Victoria Beckham and Nicole Richie. (They) have fun with fashion.”

She added, “If something’s cool and funky and I like it, it doesn’t matter how much it costs.”

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