Why Meghan Markle Will Return To Instagram?

Meghan Markle will come back to Instagram after a three-year absence, according to a report.

According to one expert, her decision is expected to generate $1 million for every post. The @meghan profile photo features peonies, which are believed to be the former actress’ favorite flower. And the account currently has 82,600 followers. However, social media guru Eric Schiffer thinks that the Duchess of Sussex will strike lucrative marketing agreements. He explained that her reappearance may not come as a surprise, especially since she allegedly hired a new talent manager. Celebrities such as the Kardashians can command $1 million or more for a single product promotion post. There’s no reason Meghan Markle couldn’t earn a huge amount of money while becoming one of Instagram’s most followed profiles. Meanwhile, Meghan’s rumored new Instagram account is causing quite a stir in Hollywood, despite the fact that it is followed by several of Markle’s known acquaintances and coworkers. According to a source, everyone in Hollywood is talking about her impending re-launch social profile. Meghan has made no secret of her desire to return to Instagram. There have been allegations of Meghan’s claimed Instagram page “just sitting there” after the duchess “changed her mind” about releasing her podcast “Archetypes.” The announcement followed her interview with The Cut last year, in which she expressed her intention to return to the platform.

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