Demi Lovato’s Regrets Over Romance With Joe Jonas

Demi Lovato regrets telling the public about her romance with Joe Jonas after painful split just two months later.

Demi Lovato

The “Camp Rock” star, who turns 18 on August 20, revealed her “perfect” love affair to the public in March. Demi is going to keep her next boyfriend a secret in a bid to avoid the public scrutiny.

Breaking up in a public relationship wasn’t fun for her. Demi will go public upon marrying someone one day.



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  • Holly

    I feel so sorry for her ! Everybody tried to make her look like she was the reason they broke up ! It always turnes out to be the girls falt they always blame everything on them ! Well Joe told some stuff too because i seen it in a video ! And besides it wasnt her falt everybody was nosey and asked everything ! I mean they couldn’t even go out on a date without stupid papparazzi’s taking pictures of them to go in a stupid magazine ! And i love the magazines ! But i love Demi more and i would choose for her to have her privacy and Joe too ! And i think another problem was the stupid Jonas brothers fans threatening Demi ! Yeah like there gonna ever get a chance with him ! You think he’d ever go out whith a fan ! And if he really loved her than he would of trusted her nomatter how much stuff she told ! She deserves someone better than him ! And Demi’s been through alot ! From getting bullied then her best friend left her and a bunch of other stuff no one knows about ! And now this ! poor Demi ! I wish i could be there for her and support her ! I would always be there for her !