Jonas Brothers Answer Fans’ Questions Online

The Jonas Brothers revealed something about their dating life after they invited fans to send questions to them.

Jonas Brothers

When asked if they’d ever date a fan or non-famous people, the brothers reply on their MySpace page: “Yes, we have already dated fans or girls that are not celebrities. In fact, we really like to believe that the girl we will spend our lives with will be our biggest ‘fan.'”

As for who Kevin, Joe and Nick are dating now or who they’ve courted in the past, the guys keep silent as they declared: “It is our rule to not talk about our personal lives, especially who we are dating. The same would be true if we were dating you.”

The brothers, who are starting their new TV show next week, plan to embark on their first world tour next summer. They wrote: “We want to visit some of the areas where our music has done well, for example Latin and South America, Europe again, Asia, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.”

And the Jonas Brothers promise to keep the information coming as they wrote: “Keep checking in for more answers to your questions from our ASK US ANYTHING blog.”



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  • maeve

    hey!!!!!!guys i thought this would be a funny question but what is your favorite name for a girl!hahaha oh yeah and does it ever get like super weird with all these qustions FROM ALL THESE GIRLS like i want to marry you! But you guys are all 10s in my book cause from rating is personallity and sweetness not that you are not hot cause you are! oh yeah whats your favorite word and food?hahaha! peace

  • kelsey

    HEY! i thought this would be good questions!!!
    WHAT IS your favorite food
    what is your favorite word
    and if you could choose what is your favorite name for a girl

  • jolien

    hey jonas brothers

  • mia kristine

    Hi… jonas brothers, can you have girlfriend , its younger as you?
    have young?

  • Janet

    Jonas Brothers are coming to NZ!!!!! YAY!

  • Kim

    Hey jonas brothers…would u ever date someone that you meet over the internet like myspace for ex.? O and this other question is for NICK JONAS…..will u go out with meeeee!!!!!!! Please!!! U are so freakin hot and u are an awsome guy!

  • Kirsten

    hey jonas brothers!
    can anyone pleasee tell me the exact date you guys are coming to wellington (NZ)? i just have to be there !
    we all love you here! then again, who doesnt!!??
    oh and i also love that video of joe and nick and 1OO% orange juice ! its so funny! “nick, dont embarrassed my in front of all my friends!”

  • Will you come in Bulgaria? Аnswer me please

  • i love this song with the joe bros!

  • racquel

    i was just want to know are you coming to Sydney Australia in your world tour please come it would be great . You would love it hear and we would love you here.

    please answer back.

  • rosie

    hi guys what is the best thing a fan has ever done for you guys? if you coude go back when your band was just starting out what bit of edvice would you give?
    i live nere sheffield and it would be so cool if you come. I have 2 CD from you guys they are so cool and i love them and i love you guys you guys are my romodels to me and my sis so much and we love you?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx we would love to here from you love from rosie and beth

  • bianca

    hey i luv ur guys music and i just want to say i love u and i hope to meet u one day… i asked my mom to get me tickets for my birthday but she didnt reply and my b day is in 34 day on June 24 so if u want to be kind call me and give me tickets and im am 13 i will be turning 14… i would give u my number but then people would call it and then they will stalk me so i wont… but i no yous have a way to find my number so if u do call me… and i looooovvvvvveeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus lol by and i am bianca again hehehe lol

  • Emily


    do you know when you will be doing a concert in New Zeland?

    p.s its my dream to go to your concert and it would be the best this ever if you came!

    ~love from Emily~

  • hey nick,kevin,joe… hey you guys when will you guys be coming to s.a.. or do know if you coming yet??? oh kevin congrats on finally tiein the knot..pleasssse reply . thanks nick luv ya

  • gail

    hi guys i have 2 qustions the first one is canu plz make my dream come ture my dream is 2 have just one day u plz plz plz plz and my second qustion is do really write back if u do luv u

  • shaya

    dear jonas brother
    I am a huge fan but i am not on of those
    fans witch faint we they see you!and pleas ereply to me i have alway
    dreamt of meeting you .and joe you are my fav
    please reply soon

  • kellz

    hi jobros, just wonderin if u cud b invisible 4 a day wot wud u do n y?? ur awesome guys keep the hard work up 4eva a fan kelly xx

  • nika

    hey nick, joe and kevin…. do you guys know if guys will be coming to s.a anytime soon… no1 has the answer to this question, hopefully you guys do????

  • Hi i will be so happy if you guys come to south africa I mean you have so many fans here and i will be happy to help you find a venue
    God bless Kevin,,Joe,Nick,Frankie And your Mom and Dad
    Oh and i hope the best for you all

  • Kimberly jonas Groher

    Hey guys
    And please call me of Ya can and I have a story for you and please call
    At (909)810-0084