Sofia Vergara Talked About Plastic Surgery & Madonna

Sofia Vergara reportedly took a swipe at Madonna when it comes to plastic surgery.

Sofia Vergara

The “Modern Family” star thought that women all look the same now especially the thing on their cheeks like Madona. Perhaps they ended up looking like a freak instead of looking young.

On being open for surgery in the future, getting a little work done on her eyes. She also considered breast reduction but her mom talked her out of it.



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  • Johnathan Grote

    all I can Say is sexy. To bad she would never give me a run. I always have to find her name when I see it. I went to a convention for one of our sales Companies and her crew was there signing Their marketing material. Pretty Neat stuff. I guess until one of them gets to try one of us normal folkswe need to stick to miss michigan if you get what im saying lol.

  • Tiffany

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  • Phil

    Ok, where should I begin, I have never visited this website before, but on a random Google image search I came to this site, found this picture and it led me here.

    This is where it gets weird, I never respond or make my opinions public, especially in a matter as trivial as this, however…

    Johnathan Grote, I hope you were drunk when you wrote what you wrote.

    You did not capitalize the word “all”, the first word in your first paragraph, but yet somehow manage to capitalize the word “Companies”.

    If your boss were to some how read this post maybe he would be happy as it may be an indication you are proud to work for his company. However, you will never go anywhere in this company because you capitalize “their” in the next sentence. If you have to ask what I mean, you will never know.

    It is evident you also have issues with Michigan because you made a slight of hand comment about Miss Michigan being perhaps the bottom of the barrel.

    Miss Michigan is the only word you should have capitalized other than the aforementioned “all” in any of your sentences.

    You should have left it at “All I can say is sexy”. Perhaps I should have left my response at “re-read what you wrote”.

    Nothing you wrote even comes close to making sense. But to comfort you, judging by her statement, she sounds like she may be a normal gal, what do I know.