Brangelina Exposed Author Stunned Over Magazine Report

Ian Halperin, who is author of the upcoming “Brangelina Exposed”, was stunned over the Star magazine report, which alleges inside access to his tome and teases details on the celebrity couple’s secret life.

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Blake Lively Wants Brad Pitt As A Dad

Angelina Jolie may have some competition from a beautiful young blonde. Or Brad Pitt might have a daughter. While that sounds like the usual tabloid life, it is a bit more innocent as Gossip Girl star Blake Lively has admitted she would like Brad Pitt to play her on-screen dad in the show.

Blake Lively

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Kate Middleton Joins Dynasty’s Star For Charity Work

Prince William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton, who was called as “Waity Katie,” has created a new job for herself through working on a charity project with a star from Dynasty.

Kate Middleton

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