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February Vanity Fair Showed Tiger Woods Pumping Iron

Tiger Woods, who was snapped shirtless and pumping iron, was featured on the February issue of Vanity Fair cover.

Miley Cyrus Inspired To Be A Photographer By ‘Vanity Fair Cover Controversy’

Miley Cyrus, who is set to perform At Christmas In Rockefeller Center, is reportedly looking to trade in the title of Disney teen queen for a career in photography.

Annie Leibovitz: Queen Is ‘Cranky’ After BBC Photo Shoot

Annie Leibovitz, who is a photographer, has revealed some details on her infamous photoshoot with the Queen, describing the monarch as “a bit cranky”.

Billy Ray Cyrus: My Daughter Sees Annie Leibovitz As Paparazzi

Billy Ray Cyrus reveals that his family considers famed “Vanity Fair” photographer Annie Leibovitz, who famously shot Miley Cyrus semi-topless, to be a paparazzi.