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Jon Gosselin’s Burglary Is Claimed To Be A Huge Publicity Stunt By Hailey Glassman’s Attorney

Anand Ahuja, who is Hailey Glassman’s attorney, claimed the recent burglary of Jon Gosselin’s apartment as well as the finger-pointing at his former girlfriend Hailey as huge publicity stunt.

Angelina Jolie Hunts For Apartment In New York

Angelina Jolie ditched glamorous dresses in favor of office attire as she prepared for an upcoming movie in New York.

Heath Ledger’s Apartment Too Spooky To Rent

Potential renters are wary of moving into Heath Ledger’s home.

Anne Hathaway: Paid Ex-Beau’s Rent, Date With Josh Lucas?

Anne Hathaway reportedly gave Raffaello Follieri money to cover the $37,000 monthly payments for his luxurious Olympic Tower apartment, in New York, for four months, according to Vanity Fair magazine.