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Report Suggested Brangelina’s Relationship May Not Last Much Longer

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who were rumored to split, were believed that their relationship won’t last much longer as suggested by the reports.

Jon Gosselin’s Babysitter Dished More Details About Him

Stephanie Santoro, who is the babysitter and former lover of Jon Gosselin, revealed that one time the reality star was acting really weird.

Jon Gosselin’s New Sleepover Pal – His Kids’ Babysitter

While Kate Gosselin has been taking the kids camping, Jon Gosselin has been having his own version of sleepovers.

Jennifer Aniston Is Best Celebrity Pet Babysitter

In a week that saw Angelina Jolie named the world’s most powerful celebrity, Jennifer Aniston can at least console herself with the fact she has been voted best pet babysitter.

Katie Holmes’ Suri Day Out With Beckham Boys

Katie Holmes plays babysitter for Victoria as she takes Suri for a day out with the Beckham boys.