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Justin Beiber Would Like To Go To College

Justin Bieber, who recently promotes “My Worlds Acoustic” album at Madrid record store, would like to go to college.

Elin Nordegren Was Smiling After Dentist Appointment

Elin Nordegren was smiling to the photographers when she went to a car after her appointment with the dentist.

Miley Cyrus Won’t Leave Music For College

Miley Cyrus won’t leave her music career for another priority like going to college.

Jamie Lynn Spears Seeks Colleges’ Advice

Jamie Lynn Spears was reportedly want to go to college after finishing her high school education through online correspondence.

Nick Jonas On College Plans, Funny Nickname & New Songs

Nick Jonas might dreams of waking up in The White House in the future as he talked about his college plans, his funny nickname, Mr. President and new songs in “The Administration.”

Zac Efron On Tousled Hair & College Plans

Zac Efron dished his secret behind his tousled hair and his plans of going to college in Time’s interview.

Emma Watson Graces The Teen Vogue Magazine

Emma Watson has magically transformed from Harry Potter’s precocious overachiever to a full-blown glamor girl in the August 2009 issue of Teen Vogue. Now the sassy star dishes on Harry Potter, paparazzi, and college.

Zac Efron On Bullying & Higher Education

Admitting that he hates bullying, Zac Efron says he knows how to deal with it, that is by laughing it off.

Taylor Swift Considers College And Concert Hosting

Taylor Swift, who previously moved on with her recent split with Joe Jonas, is considering going to college, once she’s finished having fun touring and making music.

Jamie Lynn Spears Passed GED Exam

Jamie Lynne Spears, who is a teen star, has found something to smile in spite of her pregnancy controversy.