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Shakira Disapproves Anti-Immigration Law

Shakira, who disapproves the new anti-immigration law in Arizona, was rumored to discuss a meeting with government officials at legislative office on April 29.

Justin Bieber Was Nervous Performing In Front of Obamas

Justin Bieber, who perform in front of US president Barack Obama and his wife, felt nervous at “Christmas in Washington 2009.”

David Archuleta Not Surprised By Adam Lambert’s Being Gay

Seventh-season “American Idol” runner-up David Archuleta is standing behind eighth-season runner-up Adam Lambert’s decision to announce that he is gay.

David Archuleta Speaks At Children Uniting Nations

David Archuleta was spotted as he speaks at the “Children Uniting Nations” 4th Annual National Conference held at The House Capitol Building on Tuesday afternoon (June 9) in Washington, D.C.

David Cook Will Run For Brain Cancer Charity

In the midst of a busy tour schedule, David Cook is planning to take a break – well, technically a run – for a cause close to his heart on May 3 in Washington, D.C.

Lindsay Lohan’s “Caged Animal” Feeling

Lindsay Lohan, who previously reported to craved junk food and romantic lunch with Sam Ronson, has hit out at the press for pursuing her even when she’s out clubbing. It is because it makes her feel like a caged animal.