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Michael Jackson’s Son May Be Asked To Testify In Dr. Murray Case

Michael Jackson’s oldest son Prince Michael may be asked to testify at a pre-trial hearing in a Los Angeles court on Tuesday.

Michael Jackson’s Death Certificate Indicates Homicide

Michael Jackson’s death certificate reportedly rules he was murdered after it is amended on August 31 by medical examiner Christopher Rogers to “homicide”.

Prosecutors Are Reportedly Debating On More Serious Charge Against Michael Jackson’s Doctor

Prosecutors are believed to be debating whether to charge Dr. Conrad Murray, who was Michael Jackson’s doctor, with involuntary manslaughter or a more serious charge.

Michael Jackson’s Doctor Caused His Death According To His Brother

Jermaine Jackson accused Dr. Conrad Murray of causing his brother’s death as he was upset to learn that the doctor is back at work and practice medicine.

Michael Jackson’s Doctor Recommended For Arrest

Dr. Conrad Murray, who was Michael Jackson’s doctor, is facing more legal trouble in Las Vegas when arrest warrant was recommended for him after missing a hearing in his child support case.

Aide ‘Killed’ Michael Jackson With Demerol Hit

Michael Jackson was killed by a shot of powerful painkiller Demerol given by an aide as his personal medic Dr. Conrad Murray slept, a report indicated.

Michael Jackson’s Doctor Administered The Drug That Killed Him

A law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation into Michael Jackson’s death says the pop star’s personal doctor administered the powerful drug that authorities believe killed him.