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Duchess Kate’s Brother Reveals How Difficult It Feels To Be Her Sibling

James Middleton, who is the brother of Duchess Kate, lands the cover of TYD digital magazine for winter 2015 edition.

Family Took Action Over Pippa And James Middleton’s Embarrassing Pictures

Embarrassing photographs of Pippa and James Middleton have been withdrawn after anger over their ‘betrayal’ by friends.

Kate Middleton’s Mom Talked Up About Impact of Public Scrutiny

Carole, who is the mother of Kate Middleton, has been the model of discretion after her daughter was first courted by Prince William more than five years ago.

Will Kate Middleton Feel Embarrass Over Her Brother Photos?

Kate Middleton, who received an invitation of Britain’s Prince Charles’ 60th birthday celebrations later this year, has a photo album that would embarrass her and will not be rushing to show it to the Queen.