Brad Pitt’s Family Donates $1 Million For Endowment Fund

Doug Pitt announces $1 million Pitt family donation.

Brad Pitt

As a St. Jude affiliate, St. John’s will require more specialists on its staff.

In response, Doug Pitt announced the Brad Pitt family, Doug and Lisa Pitt and Rob and Julie Neal will donate $1 million to establish an endowment fund to pay cancer specialists at St. John’s.

In honor of their mother, the center will be renamed St. John’s Jane Pitt Pediatric Cancer Center.

When the St. John’s Jane Pitt Pediatric Cancer Center opens this summer, it will temporarily be located fifth floor of the hospital’s west pavilion.

There are future plans to add a new 31 pediatric unit, a 10-bedroom hospital-based Ronald McDonald House; and double the size the neonatal intensive and pediatric intensive care units.

St John’s Auxiliary has pledged $1 million to help fund this expansion and other projects.