Brad Pitt’s Speaking French Struggle

Brad Pitt says that when it comes to learning French his partner Angelina Jolie is miles ahead and in comparison he can barely master a sentence.

Brad Pitt

The Jolie-Pitts, who have been teaching their children the language because Angelina’s mother Marcheline was part French, are keen to set a good example by joining in.

But Brad isn’t so confident with his bilingual skills as he revealed: “Ange and I are trying to learn French. But she’s better at it than I am. Some of my brain cells seem to have shut down, so I’m struggling. I can say ‘merci beaucoup’ and that’s about it.”

He added: “Our seven-year-old Maddox rips it, man. He’s fantastic, so good. It’s really humiliating – but we’re really proud of him.”

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