Jennifer Aniston Earned $27 Million Last Year, Boosted Dog Food Sales

Jennifer Aniston isn’t hurting for cash.

Jennifer Aniston

The actress earned a whopping $27 million last year, Parade magazine reports in its April 12 issue. (She made the same amount in 2007 as well — out-earning Angelina Jolie, who made $14 million.)

Teen country star Taylor Swift took home $5.5 million — more than double the $2.25 Britney Spears made. Couple: Jay-Z made $82 million, while his wife of a year Beyonce cashed $80 million. Tina Fey banked $4.6 million; Sarah Palin made $125,000. Will Ferrell made $31 million. Talk show host Kelly Ripa raked in $8 million, while Patrick Dempsey socked away $3.5 million on Grey’s Anatomy. Tyler Perry, famous for his “Madea” movies, cashed $125 million.

Meanwhile, sales of dog food have rocketed in Europe after Hollywood stars Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson ate some on a German TV show.

Budget-conscious Swiss families are tucking into tins of the stuff rather than buying more expensive dishes.

A spokesman for supermarket chain Migros said: “It may sound disgusting but dog food is made to human standards and is safe to eat.”

The stars had to eat dog food after losing a dare while promoting their new film Marley And Me on talk show Wetten Das.

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