Prince George Avoids Canadian Prime Minister’s Low Five

Prince George was not impressed with the charms of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after avoiding his high five.

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The 3-year-old royal arrived in Canada on Saturday on a weeklong official visit with his parents Prince William and Duchess Kate. He did not pay attention to the Canadian politician, who squatted down to offer the low-five. He also did not accept his offer of handshake, which was uncomfortable moment on the airport tarmac in the western province of British Columbia. Some Canadians reacted to the young prince’s rebuff, including “My heart broke 15 times for trudeau in this” as well as “[it] is a great analogy for modern global affairs.” This was not the first time for the royal toddler to meet other politicians because he shook hands with Barack Obama on his visit to England in April. Meanwhile, Prince George and his sister, Princess Charlotte, are in Canada for the first time.

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