Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato Have Christmas Plans

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato shared on how they will celebrate the holidays. Both Disney stars revealed they will be going home for the holidays.

Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato

Selena Gomez revealed: “This will be the first year that I’ll be able to go home since I moved away from Texas, so I’ll be spending the holidays with my family on my dad’s side and my mom’s side and coming back to Texas for a good two weeks and doing nothing, which is very refreshing.”

Her best friend Demi will also do the same thing, saying: “My plans for the holidays include going back to my hometown in Dallas, Texas, and spending time with relatives.”

On her family’s Christmas traditions, the “Wizards of Waverly Place” star continued: “I split my holidays up because my parents are separated so every tradition would have to be Christmas day with my mom and her family and then Christmas Eve with my dad and his family and there comes a point where we all come together and wish each other a Merry Christmas.”

“Camp Rock” starlet has her own traditions as she shared: “I’m normally the one who sets up the Christmas tree because I love decorating it. We always eat dinner together and when I was younger, my older sister and I would leave food out on Christmas Eve for Santa’s reindeer.”

Selena Gomez has a favorite holiday decoration, which is an ornament that she made for her mother. She explained: “My favorite decoration would have to be the ornament I made for my mom when I was 5. I made it out of popsicle sticks and a picture of my house.”

On the best present she ever got, the 16-year-old Selena revealed that it was a vintage jewelry box bought by her mom is the best present as she explained: “It’s one of a kind and it’s kind of antique-ish looking and has these really neat faded pink colors and these purple colors. It’s beautiful and I love it.”

As for Demi, the best gift she’s ever received is a laptop as she added: “Last year my parents got me a laptop, I was ecstatic.”

When it comes to her special holiday memories, the “Don’t Forget” singer shared: “One time on Thanksgiving, I got into a food fight with my uncle in front of like 50 family members! Pie was flying everywhere and everyone was laughing so hard!”

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