Simon Cowell Thinks Britney Spears Should Go Home

Simon Cowell, one of the judges of “American Idol”, has advised the troubled pop singer Britney Spears to take some time out and go home to Louisiana – to save her career.


The British music mogul is convinced that Britney will find a way of reviving her career after motherhood, marriage and rehab. It is because she’s “still one of the most talked about pop stars on the planet.” But Simon Cowell insists she needs some serious down time with her family and friends in Kentwood, so she can re-connect with the star she was when she last hit the top of the charts.

Simon Cowell revealed, “She can’t handle the tension and the pressure. Lock the door, don’t go out with your stupid friends, have some home-cooked food, get a sense of reality. Go lie in the garden, OK?” He added, “And then say to yourself, `There’s more good in my life than bad. I’m still a rich, talented girl – now I want to get my career back on track.’ End of story.’ ”

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