Bill Clinton: Hillary Clinton Did Not Want To Be VP Candidate

Bill Clinton, who is the former US president and husband of Hillary Rodham Clinton, revealed that she did not want to become Barack Obama’s running mate on the Democratic U.S. presidential ticket.

Hillary Clinton

The former US president said that his wife would have felt duty-bound to accept the position, but she enjoys her role as a U.S. senator from New York, according to a report.

According to Bill Clinton, Senator Hillary Clinton would have been the best choice for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama politically, at least in the short run. It was because of her enormous support in the country.

While he was speaking on “The View”, Bill Clinton believes sexism played a part in his wife’s failed bid to become the Democratic nominee as he explained: “There is some (sexism) but a lot it is almost subconscious, that makes it more insidious.”

Bill Clinton admits that he admire Republican presidential candidate John McCain but he still think that the next president will be Barack Obama because the Democratic presidential hopeful is a smart candidate supported by a party that is larger and more diverse than the Republican Party.



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  • Dunkey Loyale

    Actually, it was Hillary’s charred earth campaign style and acerbic character that sank her chances at the presidency. she came across much the same as the McCain organization desperate and willing to sacrifice anyone under the bus (her opponent, her daughter, anyone who happened to be standing by too close and differed in opinion, etc.) in order to achieve her goal. It seemed to be much more about Hillary than the nation and the threat we face in the waning days of a failed Bush administration.

  • crystal

    I like the way you think. I’m going to tell some of my friends on the left about your website.