Obama And McCain Playfully Roast Each Other At Charity Event

Rival US presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama gave a time-out to their contentious race tonight, appearing together at the Alfred E. Smith charity dinner at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City, where they playfully roasted each other, and themselves.

Obama And McCain

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Republicans Want To Examine Barack Obama ‘Illegal Contributions’

It appears that Sarah Palin was not the only one who has harsh attack against Barack Obama after Republican Party has asked US election officials to look into what it alleges are illegal contributions given to Senator Barack Obama’s White House campaign.

Barack Obama

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Sarah Palin Injured Hand Before VP Debate

Sarah Palin, who is the center of the joke of a female headliner, is expected to sport a bandage in vice presidential debate after injuring her hand.

Sarah Palin

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