Miley Cyrus Was Dating Older Guy, Controversial Picture Again?

Miley Cyrus, who was involved with a lot of controversies, is reportedly dating her 22-year-old backup dancer, Marshall.

Miley Cyrus

The pair has been caught flirting on camera and hugging and kissing each other on the cheek.

Whether the two are actually dating has yet to be confirmed but one thing is certain, Miley Cyrus has been caught up in yet another photo scandal after pictures of her posing with a man seven years her senior appeared online.

The new snaps are the latest in a series of controversial photographs the 15-year-old “Hannah Montana” star has been involved in.

Last month, the star was shown smiling at the camera wearing a black crop-top and pants as she stretched out across an unknown boy’s lap.

However, Miley Cyrus defended the photos, insisting they were harmless and she wasn’t sorry for taking them, saying, “It’s not a big deal.”



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  • rachel

    miley is so dumb! but i am giving her 1 more chance! If she breaks it i will give up being her fan forever


  • tj almonte

    myley cyrus u make me sick and there are alot of girls that wanna be like u and thats how u behave thats exactly why u have less fans and it will just keep going down

  • Hi I want to date Miley,if Billy Ray does not mind at all.
    I do not know of what he is gonna say. I am 27 years old.
    If not my feelings will be hurt and i will cry,i will cry
    deeply. And i will go away.

  • lisa

    yet a girl who is famous c an not flirt with a guy that is over 18 without the media snap shooting him and all so knowing that why snap shoot yourself in the face flirting idk any girls at my school or friends that ocnsdider kissing eachothers cheeck just flirting yet people follow her to cloely.

  • AayJayy

    Okay for the record…Miley Cyrus is NOT a “bad role model.” She’s a freaking teenager who lives in the public eye for crying out loud. The media thrives on the negative but honestly, do you people know exactly what Miley’s doing? She’s living her life just like any other teen girl does, she’s not having s*x or promoting for that matter, she’s not doing dr*gs, and she doesn’t drink so why is everyone on her case? Who would you rather have your daughter look up to? Miley Cyrus or Jamie Lynn Spears? Think about what you’re saying because it sounds to me a little bit ridiculous. Get over it. I think Miley is an awesome role model for girls. And if you don’t then please, feel free to give me a better example of someone for girls to look up to that is better than her. I look forward to hearing it.

  • ZERO

    thier is some one control miley

  • To tell u the truth, compared to other girls in the world, miley is actually a good role model! shes doing what girls do, flirt with older guys. there are girls in my school who date people 4 years older than them and there only 13 or 14. she doesnt do drugs, she doesnt have sex, she doesnt do porn, she doesnt go clubbing, she doesnt curse or fight with people, she doesnt drink, she doesnt smoke, shes not getting married or even pregnant. she freaking reads the bible and u say shes the next britney spears or lindsay lohan. yeah, ok. they both sing songs that talks about sex. u should never compare the 2, 2 miley! she is a great role model.

  • ok i dont want to get caught up in a huge depate but im only 15 and i think that if she wants to date older guys let her now do i think its right?well really i dont but i do think she should keep i mind that she is a role model to thousands of little girls and maybe boys so all of you that thinks its sick get over it sorry but its her life if she wants press following her around who care’s maybe she’s just confussed and just to say i dont kow how life is in hollywood but maybe its totally different there maybe its ok to date older guys and girls maybe its what their used to so just think what you may be helping by writting all this hate she may be going through a confussing part of an actresses life i dont know but if she were to read all this im sure it would do nothing to help her get through it so for all you people that thinks it wrong just sit back and watch what happens because most of you have no part in it so think about it and i think ur still awsome miley peace!!

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