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What Happens To Lady Gaga’s MTV VMA Meat Dress?

Lady Gaga’s MTV VMA dress puzzled some fans’ minds — what happens to her dress?

Lady Gaga: A Voice For Her Generation In A Video Blog

Lady Gaga is here to be a voice for her generation, including the youth of the country, in a video blog.

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress Reflects Her Military Protest

Lady Gaga explained her raw meat dress at 2010 MTV Video Music Awards didn’t mean message against animal rights.

Lady Gaga Won Five Trophies For 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

Lady Gaga won five shiny trophies, including Video of the Year, at 2010 MTV VMA on September 12.

Lady GaGa Stops Performing So That She Could Break Up A Fight

Lady Gaga stops performing her song “Just Dance” after she noticed angry dispute between two people in front of the stage.

Lady Gaga Sparked Controversy Over Raw Meat Picture

Lady Gaga sparked controversy over raw meat photograph on a magazine cover.