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Jennifer Aniston Looked Stylish In Tribeca, NYC

Jennifer Aniston showed up looking stylish in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood on November 15.

Jennifer Aniston Will Appear On “Cougar Town”

Jennifer Aniston will reportedly appear on Courteney Cox’s comedy show “Cougar Town.”

Brad Pitt Hooks Up With Courteney Cox At Gig

Courteney Cox was spotted talking to her former Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston’s ex-boyfriend Brad Pitt at a gig in Los Angeles over the weekend, according to US media reports.

John Mayer Reportedly Dumps Jennifer Aniston?

After a trial separation John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston reportedly decided to split earlier this week, because Mayer is not prepared for the level of commitment that he thinks Jennifer deserves.

Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer Took Their Romance Across More Borders

Despite their separate and tight schedules, Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer stole time together in Amsterdam on Monday, June 23.