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Lindsay Lohan Has Problem With Spray Tan?

Lindsay Lohan has problem with her spray tanner since the tanning solution could be interpreted by the bracelet as alcohol.

Duchess of York Was ‘Drunk’ In Undercover Video

Sarah Ferguson admitted that she was drunk in undercover video when she was interviewed in “Oprah Winfrey Show.”

Drunk Mariah Carey Accepts Breakthrough Actress Award

Mariah Carey was honored for her “breakthrough” acting performance in the Lee Daniels film, “Precious” at the Palm Springs Film Festival’s Gala Dinner on January 5.

Charlie Sheen Was Released From Jail After Christmas Arrest

Charlie Sheen has bailed himself out of jail, which is contrary to reports that he will be held without bond after his Christmas arrest for domestic violence charges.

Suspect: Slain ‘American Idol’ Contestant Was Drunk

Daniel Bark, the 23-year-old accused of striking and killing American Idol contestant Alexis Cohen while allegedly fleeing police, is mounting a vigorous defense, according to his attorney.

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Briefly Detained After Drunken Scuffle

Allegedly punching a waiter in a drunken scuffle at a Paris airport, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is charged with “willful violence, outrage, hitting and threatening death.”

Jennifer Aniston’s Drunken Late Night Calls To John Mayer?

If you believe the latest gossip, Brad Pitt is making alcohol-fuelled calls to former wife Jennifer Aniston while Angelina Jolie is working, and Jen is making boozy late night calls to her other ex, John Mayer. It’s a crazy Hollywood love quadrangle!