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President Obama On Tiger Woods’ Cheating Controversy

President Obama, who met Tiger Woods in April last year, won’t give a personal opinion about the controversial cheating scandal but he believed that the golfer will be able to find and fix his flaws.

Tiger Woods Admits Infidelity & Will Take Indefinite Break

After being the center of reported thirteen women allege affairs, Tiger Woods finally admitted his infidelity and he asked for forgiveness to everyone for the disappointment and hurt that his infidelity has caused.

Sarah Jessica Parker Leaves Matthew Broderick Over Infidelity Reports

Sarah Jessica Parker has left the home she shares with husband Matthew Broderick as rumors are mounting the actor has cheated on her with a younger woman.

Michael Buble Will Cry After Split With Emily Blunt

Michael Buble admitted that he “curled up in a ball and cried” after he split from Emily Blunt.