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Blanket Cries For Dad & Paris Jackson Grieves In Quieter Ways

Blanket, who is Michael Jackson’s seven-year-old son, cries himself to sleep every night while asking where his father is.

Robert Pattinson Thinks Internet Addictive & Pathetic

Considering Internet as something addictive and pathetic, Robert Pattinson explains Internet can feed the worst part of people’s soul, especially when they have nothing else to do.

Miley Cyrus’ Car Accident Is Just Internet Hoax

Miley Cyrus, who has hit the headlines with her controversial photos, has been the center of internet hoax that claims she was killed in an accident.

Kanye West Hits Back At Fake Blog Claims

Rapper Kanye West has published photographs of himself typing on his social networking page to prove he writes his own blogs.

Ashley Tisdale’s Mother Slammed False H.I.V. Rumor

Ashley Tisdale, who was sent reeling by a vicious and false Internet rumor, claimed that she was not dying from AIDS.