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Zac Efron Gets Friendly With Dogs In Colorado

Zac Efron gets friendly with array of pooch pals at the 2009 USPA World Snow Polo Championship in Aspen, Colorado on December 20.

Jesse McCartney Would Like To Write Songs For Adam Lambert

Jesse McCartney, who has a new album in the work and a film that is set to be released, wanted to write songs for Adam Lambert because he felt that there are many people like trying to do that thing.

Jonas Brothers Thank Fans With Star-Studded Last-Minute Gig

The Jonas Brothers treated fans to a last-minute post-American Music Awards concert in Hollywood on Sunday night, which they booked just the day before.

Barry Bostwick Defends Co-Star Miley Cyrus On Scandals

Miley Cyrus, who was previously sparked controversial headlines over her “Vanity Fair” photo shoot and other leaked Myspace photos, got somebody to defend her aside from her father Billy Ray Cyrus and Jesse McCartney — no less than her “Hannah Montana” co-star Barry Bostwick.

Miley Cyrus Got A Crush On Jesse McCartney?

Miley Cyrus had an embarrassing encounter with Jesse McCartney, after she revealed to him the first song she ever wrote was about the pop hunk.

Jesse McCartney Tosses Some Love To Zac Efron

Jesse McCartney, who is the singer and actor, has enjoyed watching his former “Summerland” co-star Zac Efron become a megastar.