John Travolta Works Hard At His Marriage

John Travolta admits he has to work hard at his marriage. The actor believes marriage is a life-long commitment and isn’t always easy.


The actor revealed, “We’ve been married for almost 16 years and we have to work at it. Most people forget that you have to create relationships. The allure of the first years settles down and at that moment, you better start creating it, otherwise you’re going to lose out.”

The 53-year-old star revealed that having a high-profile relationship is difficult because people are always gossiping. He added, “You have to be ready to battle the worst insults, the worst innuendos. People say things that hurt. I think, ‘Wow, so because I have money or fame, I don’t have problems? I don’t have feelings?’ I just try not to take offense.”

John recently revealed he and Kelly are going to try for another baby and have set themselves a fertility timetable. He said, “I was told by Kelly that at the end of the summer we’re going to try.” Kelly Preston, his wife, added: “We’ll try after we finish the movie we’re doing together, ‘Old Dogs,’ with Robin Williams and our daughter Ella. So after that!”

John Travolta: His Family Are Like Addams Family?

John Travolta says his family are “like the Addams Family”. The ‘Wild Hogs’ star, who lives with his wife Kelly Preston and their two children Jett, 15, and Ella, seven, has revealed his family stay up all night and sleep through the day to avoid prying paparazzi.


The Hollywood actor revaled,”We’re like the Addams Family or the Munsters, living a sort of odd, nocturnal life. My kids probably stay up too late. My wife goes to bed around 3am, and I follow around 7am – but it works.”

John Travolta, an experienced pilot, has taken drastic measures to protect his family’s privacy. They live in inaccessible air ranch north of Ocala, Florida, which boasts the longest private residential runway in the US.

Meanwhile, John Travolta will be seen sporting a dress in his role of Edna Tumblad in a re-make of the film ‘Hairspray’ later this summer.

John Travolta Fires Back After Autistic Son Conspiracy Claims

The lawyers of John Travolta have fired back at the criticism that John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston are lying about their son Jett’s alleged autism.


There are reports which claimed Pulp Fiction star refuses to publicly acknowledge the 15-year-old has the disability. It is because his controversial religion Scientology sees it as a “weakness”, and instead claim the teen is suffering from Kawasaki Disease.

But Travolta’s lawyer has hit back, saying, “The Travoltas are wonderful, loving parents, and their priority is their children. They have (taken) and they continue to take the best possible care of their children. To suggest anything to the contrary is very hurtful to a loving family and also would be false and defamatory.”

John Travolta and His Family Will Star In A New Movie

John Travolta, his wife Kelly Preston and their daughter Ella are going to star with Robin Williams in a Disney comedy, according to the Hollywood Reporter.


The new movie with a title “Old Dogs”, will focus on two best friends who suddenly find themselves responsible for seven-year-old twins. The film will be directed by Walt Becker, who worked with Travolta on box office hit Wild Hogs.

John Travolta And Kelly Preston Wants To Have A New Baby

John Travolta and Kelly Preston are planning to have a third child. The celebrity couple, who were married for almost 15 years and they have two adorable children: Jett, 14, and Ella, 6.

John Travolta admitted that they were already thinking of having another baby. He revealed, “Yeah, we do want to have another kid and we’re going to work on it this summer.” He also revealed that they even used different techniques to try and plan the sex of their children. He said, “There are certain techniques you use. It worked twice. We wanted a boy the first time and we got a girl the second time.” He also added, “It has to do with positions and results and all sorts of intricate things.”