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Jennifer Lopez Personally Made A Tribute To Marc Anthony At Latin Grammys

Jennifer Lopez made a great tribute to Marc Anthony at the 2016 Latin Grammy Awards.

Manager Reacts To Jennifer Lopez’s Pregnancy Speculation

Jennifer Lopez has been the center of speculation that she is pregnant but her manager reacts to the news.

Will Jennifer Lopez And Taylor Swift Team-up For A New Song?

It seems that duet performance is just not enough for Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift.

Why Did Jennifer Lopez Drop Out of American Idol?

Jennifer Lopez sparks rumor of quitting American Idol because of salary dispute.

Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart Spend Fun With Kids

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart spend fun with the kids at the Rio de Jainero beach.

Jennifer Lopez Flaunted Her Swimsuit

Jennifer Lopez unveils her swimsuit in a new Vogue photo shoot.

Jennifer Lopez Seeks Permit To See Her Kids

Jennifer Lopez seeks a permit from California judge to take her kids on tour with Enrique Iglesias.

Jennifer Lopez Wants Another Marriage Again?

Jennifer Lopez separates from Marc Anthony after media focuses on her relationship with back-up dancer Casper Smart.

Is There A Possible Reconcilliation Between Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony?

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony appears to be in good terms after splitting up.

Marc Anthony’s New Tattoo Is Dedicated To His New Girlfriend

Marc Anthony became more serious with his new girlfriend after getting a tattoo of Statue of Liberty and dedicating the ink to her.

Casper Smart Wouldn’t Let Age Differences Affect Romance With Jennifer Lopez

Casper Smart wouldn’t let anything affect his romance with Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez Flaunted Her Hand Without Wedding Ring To Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were spotted together yesterday at a Pasadena news conference.

Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart Flaunted Their Attention-Grabbing Dance Moves

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart flaunted their dance moves at Miami’s Amnesia nightclub a few nights before New Year’s Eve.

Will Marc Anthony And Jennifer Lopez Have Custody War?

Marc Anthony “hit the roof” after seeing photos of Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart while bonding with his son and daughter in Kauai, Hawaii.

Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart Were Spotted While Jewelry Shopping

Jennifer Lopez joined Casper Smart for a weekend-ending shopping in Calabasas, CA on December 18.