David Beckham’s Lego Passion & Driving Dates With Victoria Beckham

David Beckham, who was interviewed in a streamed live online, spent 90 minutes in answering fans’ questions.

The English footballer revealed that building Lego would be his second choice of career. It is a good thing that playing football work out for him.

David, who always make time for his wife, have been married for 11 years but they spend an awful lot of time apart because of hectic work schedules.



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  • Franklin Dunnagan

    David Beckham is really a fool. He is the most overrated players on the planet. I think it actually is ridiculous to think that a guy of that age deserves to get payed that much money to get injured. This individual is actually the most detrimental thing to happen to the MLS. I do believe that they ought to push him to retire. This individual is some sort of joke.