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Hugh Jackman Suffered Eye Injury From Stunt On Oprah’s Australian TV Special

Hugh Jackman has received treatment for a serious eye injury after a stunt on the set of Oprah’s television special in Australia.

Zac Efron’s Guest Appearance On “Sunrise”

Zac Efron was spotted in Sydney, Australia on September 20 to record a guest appearance.

Adam Lambert Shared A Kiss With Jake Shears

Adam Lambert shared a kiss with Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears in a new video.

Adam Lambert Walked At St. George Theater

Adam Lambert was walking at St George Theatre in Staten Island, New York for the concert on August 24.

Kim Kardashian’s Sizzling Photo Shoot In Australia

Kim Kardashian was flaunting her cleavage again during a photo shoot in Australia.

Miranda Kerr’s Online Photos Almost Got Fired A Guy

Miranda Kerr, who is Orlando Bloom’s girlfriend, flaunted her hot body in the June issue of “GQ” magazine.

Kim Kardashian: Guest Editor of Famous Magazine

Kim Kardashian, who became the guest editor of “Famous” magazine, revealed that Perez Hilton helped her write the column.

Kim Kardashian Looked Stunning In Sydney

Kim Kardashian looked stunning while she was having a photograph session in Sydney on April 22. The celebrity socialite was spotted having a promotional trip to Australia.

Miley Cyrus Spotted With Liam Hemsworth In Australia

Miley Cyrus could be celebrating New Year in Australia with her rumored boyfriend Liam Hemsworth after speculation sparked when fan dished the scoop: the teen star was in Singapore airport on her way to Australia.

Prince Harry Blasted Australian Press

Prince Harry blasted the Australian press for “ruining” his military career when he was asked about Afghanistan.

Miley Cyrus Used Australian Slang Word For A Pet’s Name

Miley Cyrus bought and called her new puppy as “Mate,” which is also an Australian slang word she uses to call her rumored boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

Rachel Uchitel Finally Admits Her Affair With Tiger Woods

Rachel Uchitel, who was romantically linked to Tiger Woods, finally admits her affair with the golfer after adamantly denying it.

Prince William Set To Ditch Royal Protocol In Australia Trip

Prince William will ignore the royal treatment as he set to take a trip to Australia early in the new year.

Britney Spears Extremely Upset By Lip-Sync Claims

Britney Spears, who became the center of criticisms after disgruntled Australian fans have been accusing the singer of lip-syncing during her show in Perth, felt extremely upset by the lip-sync claims

Britney Spears Causing Controversy Over VIP Seats

Britney Spears, who was newly arrived in Australia for her Circus tour, stir controversy over charging up to $1300 for VIP seats to a show that’s largely lip-synched.