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Kate Middleton Snubs In-Laws As She Will Spend Christmas With Her Family

Kate Middleton is reportedly snubbing Christmas with in-laws at Sandringham in her last chance to spend the holiday as a single lady.

Kate Middleton Was Called “K-Tea” By Police Guards

Kate Middleton was nicknamed “K-tea” because she makes sure the police guards will have a hot drink to keep them warm.

Prince William & Kate Middleton Were Spotted At Polo Match

With his arm wrapped lovingly around her shoulders, Prince William and Kate Middleton looked every inch the young romantic couple.

Prince William’s Overnight Stay At Kate Middleton’s Home

Kate Middleton might not have a ring on her finger yet, but she did get a very special 27th birthday present – a visit from her dashing Prince at her family home.

Kate Middleton Was Snapped Speaking On Phone While Driving

Kate Middleton, who is the girlfriend of Prince William, has caused outrage after being caught using her mobile phone while driving.

Will Kate Middleton Feel Embarrass Over Her Brother Photos?

Kate Middleton, who received an invitation of Britain’s Prince Charles’ 60th birthday celebrations later this year, has a photo album that would embarrass her and will not be rushing to show it to the Queen.

Emma Watson Has A Date With Italian Actor

Emma Watson, the Harry Potter actress who brought Hermione Granger to life for millions of fans, has been spotted on a date with Italian actor Roberto Agnillera.