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Angelina Jolie ‘Gets Revenge On Brad Pitt’

Angelina Jolie is furious that partner Brad Pitt is back in contact with his former wife Jennifer Aniston — so she’s been hooking up with her former husband, Billy Bob Thornton!

Angelina Jolie’s New Tattoo, Craves Privacy

Angelina Jolie has reportedly added a new tattoo to her bodily collection, it has emerged.

David Duchovny And Tea Leoni Reportedly Split Over ‘Explicit Text Messages’

X Files star David Duchovny and his actress wife Téa Leoni have split up after he discovered explicit text messages on her mobile phone sent by actor Billy Bob Thornton.

Angelina Jolie Left Brad Pitt At Home To Party, According To A Report

Angelina Jolie was spotted out on the town in New Orleans and she was partying it up at what they classify as a “dive bar.”