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Britney Spears Asked Judge For Protection From Possible Shake Down

Britney Spears’ conservators asked a judge for protection for a possible “shake down” by a former bodyguard.

Jonas Brothers Reportedly Trapped In Elevator After LA Concert

The Jonas Brothers were trapped in elevator for half an hour during their concert in Los Angeles, according to an online report.

Lindsay Lohan Was Hit In The Face, Parties On

Lindsay Lohan was hit in the face by one of her security guards on a night out, it has been claimed.

Brangelina Will Fight Former Bodyguard’s Book

Burly bodyguard Mickey Brett has tangled with some tough customers, but none so tough as his former clients Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie’s Tell All Book

Angelina Jolie is to be the subject of a tell-all book.

Angelina Jolie Gets Too Close To Her Bodyguard?

Is it true that Angelina Jolie gets to close to her bodyguard? In the cover of a magazine, which shows a photo of the actress with a man that appears one of her security team, with a catchy line, “Angie and her Bodyguard, Too Close?” Should Brad Pitt be worried?