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Jennifer Aniston Puts Her Broodiness To Good Use

Jennifer Aniston may not have the man of her dreams and the child she yearns for, but that isn’t stopping her from speaking to millions of children everywhere.

Angelina Jolie’s Broody Movie

Angelina Jolie, who attended the launch of the Kung Fu Panda DVD, revealed that her new film helped her get pregnant.

Nicole Kidman’s Garden Shower In Australia

Nicole Kidman, who was previously criticized by Sharon Osbourne, had to shower with a garden hose while on location in Australia.

Chelsy Davy’s Tough Studying

Chelsy Davy, who is the girlfriend of Prince Harry, promised to change her party lifestyle so that she would concentrate more on the final year of her postgraduate degree but she was reportedly having something of a wobble.

Drew Barrymore Is Desperate For Children

Drew Barrymore, who is a newly single actress, is desperate to become a mother soon.